1. Initial Idea Explanation

The symbiotic relation between Audio Integration & Middleware

Audio Middleware 

Middleware is a third party software created and design to interact between two systems on real time. In audio design industries became one of the areas of investigation for audio developers because allows to engage technically and artistically different audio process in real time to improve the technological machinery conectaron between devices and humans. For a lot of people the terminology audio middleware is most common on video game industries. However, it is important to know that automotive industries became the most beneficial of these softwares devices allowing the costumers to interact sonically with this cars on a new aesthetic and semiotic perspective. 


Types Of Game Middleware

One of the main characteristics of the Audio middleware integration for games is the ability of of design the musical arrangements for noon-linear music interaction, audio occlusion systems, the ability to integrate time reverb on designed spaces, Audio Mastering, parameters based time changes (PBTC) and the ability to control the memory of this devices when they are playing.



Different companies offered different tools to provide a professional environment to control the audio in the game  engine. However, existed numerous of open sources that allows to works with experimented models to create particular devices and applications of audio interaction. Pure Data is an example of that.

Middleware Audio Integration by Victor Martinez, BA in Game Audio.

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