6 PARTICLE – Unity Particle System Available

Unity has been created a multiples tutorials and free assets for que pandemic declaration of WHO. The most interesting and regardless my project is that they have been created a free asset with includes a package with different automotive particles systems based in fire. The initial idea is to create a simple patch that may can interact with this particle system to Crete and manipulate procedural audio through the graphic motion of the particle system. The idea is to engage and relate the different elements of the fire. To do so it is important to analyse the different elements of the particle motion and also make a research about the difficulties of the implementation.

The most common application to do this type of application without expending to much time on scripting methods is using Pure Data and have near to you Andy Farnell’s book of Designing Sound.

How Works the Particle System ?

Basically the particle system can simulate different elements such as water air or in this case fire. To do so uses a properties called “2D Images”. Basically the particle system reproduces this images one by one using a timeline. 

Unity allows us to have a package called Particle System. This Script allows us to interact with all the different elements of the image reproduction on real time. However, when this elements are active a such amount of memory is processing the System. 

For an Audio Application such as FMOD We need to add in our project scene, our FMOD Implementation package. Once we do that we need to create a FMOD project.

In our FMOD Project is relatively easier to play the sound. To do so we need to work with audio files to Crete this first test.

Back in Unity we need to Crete a script in out “Prefav Particle System”. To do so we need to make a bit of calculation regardless our unity scene because we will invoque the player audio function or audio event through Vector 3 function. To do so in our Prefav script we need to work with “OnParticleCollision”. The other variable that will allows us to give us the position of the particle effect is “RaycastHit2D”

Then when we work out the distances and our unity is sending “Debug data from our Vector 2 & 3 from our camera”, we will open a bool “sceenpoint.x & y”. If then we open FMOD Path.

Here is an example of Scott Game Sounds of how to develop this relatively easy script. However, is true that the guy does his best and is difficult to follow his tutorials. But the idea behind does not have price and he is doing these knowledge online for free.

This Asset uses a scene with multip[le particles systems to use on a different scenarios. If I create a procedural audio patch that can interact with the system, will reduce time consuming and will increase the sedation of immersiveness. 

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