4 & 5 Advantatges of Cabbage audio FMOD

Cabbage - FMOD

The Advantatges of the creation on an application in FMOD

The Personification of FMOD.

FMOD is a Middleware software design to develop audio communication between sound design and game engine.

Cabbage audio allows you to develo sonic plugins for FMOD. The possibilities of software design are based on the knowledge of the programmer using Sound. We can develop Synthesisers, Effects modules or even Sound 3D applications to use Impulsive responses in or game developer. The goal is to create your own plugin according to the necessities of the game developer project. 

In your engine scene project create a new folder “FMOD_PLUGGINS”

In FMOD go to your Desktop and attach the new folder to your FMOD project.

On your new parameter in FMOD open add the new plugins created.


You must need to create a Plugin using Sound Script in your cabbage project.


Just with a basic function you can export your sound patch to a FMOD plug-in.


FMOD used a particular file detection on your desktop manager to add new plugins.

Furthermore, this tools maybe will allow sound designer to personalise their sonic tools creating a sophisticated and particular application design for your necessities increasing the options of employment on the Game Sound Industry and creating new Audio Aesthetics paradigms.

The Advantages of Cabbage

Cabbage is a free application in Sound for developing VST, RTA, FMOD & VCV.

The most incredible of these is that this changes the rules of the sound designer for video games because in this last 10 years we are seeing more often audio programers then actual sound engineers designers into the industry. This type of advantages in the cornfield multitask between sound designers and game arquitectures, are commonly surprise that the roles of the industry regardless sound design, reside in the personification of the software development itself. This allows to have unique sounds because sound designers can interact with the arquitectura of the sound generators. 

In the game industry in reality it has been always like that. However, when technology evolve, evolves equally new technique and new paradigms.

So we are thinking that in the the next decade we will see new programs, softwares and middleware that interacts better with the mediation as well into the sonic development. The question here is that other industries such as films and music will benefit of that. Film industry are benefit from already when they are creating non-linear interaction modes to create new series.

“the roles of the industry regardless sound design, reside in the personification of the software development itself.”

Victor Martinez
Sound Designer

The Dissabantatges of the creation of an application in FMOD via Cabbage

The main dissadbantatges is that when we are using Unity we must need to interact with the game actions creating new scripts that allows us to interact with ow middleware. We must need to understand the different options that FMOD have inside the Unity – FMOD package if we want to interact with our new software.

In this cae is a complex particle system attached on Unity that we need to crater new script that invoque new audio actions to our “particle system”. 

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