2. Cabbage – A way to manipulate and create an interesting interactive audio plugins

Regardless my personal project on my MA in Audio Interaction based in Bristol. I have the idea to create a VST plugin or a middleware plugin integration that  allows the Sound Designer to interact with different audio environmental audio states in Unity using FMOD. A good choice to achieve that is Cabbage audio. This free open source application uses Sound programming language and allows the sound designer to Crete different Application for different formats such as VST, RTAS, FMOD App, & VCV Rack Modules.


The Initial idea is to create a VST Plugin that also can be manipulated in FMOD that generates ambient sounds; in particular, environmental sounds and fire sounds. The idea also is to harmonise this sounds. For this project it is essential to understand that this VST design requires the manipulation of 3 main different modules and a mixer of this modules that allows to interact with the volume of this apparatus. 


To do so, the main design is to create a module that generates ambient sounds such as wind to rain using noise generator and filtering manipulation to create the sensation of wind. The other module based on crackles must need to use another noise generator. However, it is important to know that to do so we need to create an envelope attached after a filter to create the “glich cracles” very common on procedural audio design for fire or rain. And the third module must need to have a thunder generator that interacts with the game engine on particular RPD “play action interaction”.

Cabage Audio environment is a bit difficult for those sound designers that they are not familiarise with a programming language environment. Such as my case. I hate programming language, analog in my blood. However audio interaction requires a good limited knowledge of audio programming language to improve the communication skills of a team that they are working on game industry. 


Modules and synths from ZYNADDSUBFX, Independent company that provides sound designers and music producers of VST plugin generated via Sound Design Since 2003.

“the importance of a sound designer is to make the design tools easier and friendly environmental,
not make them difficult.”

Working with Csound is not easy but is not difficult if you have a programer friend. There is online multiples resources that allows you to create your first plugin on cabbage audio. Also the importance of a sound designer is to make the design tools easier and friendly environmental not difficult.

FLOSS Manuals have easy access via internet to create your first Standalone in Cabbage audio. 

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