Enzien Audio

Today we had the pleasure to listen Joe White. Co-funder of Enzien Audio.


Joe explain us what is the pourporse behind the development of Engine audio and how this application is already taken protagonist inside Game Audio Industry.

The application works with the idea to communicate different programmers engineers and bring them with the sound developers to improve the sound implementation inside video games using different programs, files and also programming languages.

This applications open the door to the sound designers because reduces the impact that programming language has in their careers. Some times the sound designer needs to be more focus in the language of music than in write big data files to communicate with the game engine. 

Joe White Gives us a Lecture in Procedural Sound

the lesson Was incredible. He show us how to manipulate and develop Pure Data patches creating a “call”structure inside folders to improve the especific engine that we wanted to compile in a new format. This is a good idea for people that uses different DAW Interfaces such is my case. I can develop some effect. particular effect in pure data and compiled to a java script to have control of them inside Logic. 

Incredible lecture and without doubt this gentleman is a hard worker inside the industry. My major respect to Joe White

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