8. Advantages of Pure Data on Academical Researchers.


Andy Farnell; the “Maestro” of sound design theory.

Andy Farnel is author of numerous academical research’s as well as the author of one of the most incredible books of sound design ever written by human beigns. Is hard to quote this, but the AES (Audio Engineering Society) Consirderete his studies as a honorable in Digital Audio. He studied a lot the forensics of sounds applied to digital devices and I can say that he simplify his formula on a different approach that the doctor Perry R. Coock on a different manner and with the implication process of being determined by the evolution of 4th Generation Programming Language applied to visual media interaction.

Advantages of using PD as a Middleware Development


When We created applications and middleware softwares in pure data wwe always need an external software to produce the compilation. This is very common in all programming languages. During my experience in this project on the creation of fire procedural patch to be implemented in the particle system of unity. I have found that was easy to create an standalone with cabbage audio. However, I would like to address this next episodes on the explanation and the evolution of the creation of a fire procedural patch using Pure Data.

Designig Sound  by Andy Farnell


 Andy Farnell is a Phd in Audio Programer scientist on the field of sound design. He wrote numerousness interested articles about the approaches of audio phoretic analysis on the translation between an specific sound to the creation of the sound itself using programming language. He is the Author of Designing sound.

Andy Farnell produce procedural sound patches of sound design using Pure Data. This is very handy because Pure Data Uses a visual programming language based on objects that make appeal audio actions.

To do so is very simple. However, we need to analyse very well the sound that we wanted to proceed. In the case of a fire patch we must need to analyse what sounds are in the fire.

Like the same theory applied on the development of cabbage standalone. Crackling, Hissing & Flames.

Pure Data, The TOOL…

The Main Advantages into the development of using pure Data is the Pdf is an open sounce, This allows to be easily programable and easy compatible with all systems. However, sometimes there is slitty changes depending of the operation systems. The main advantage is the compilation system; when we create a plugin or software in Pd is not very heavy. Basically, depends of is using audio files or nor. But the idea is to came out with a software that helps to develop Audio Programming system in an intuitive way. The main advantage is that is free and exist an expense networks, society and communities around the globe that they are in permanent connexion in different areas of Audio Digitalisation, since Music Industry, Media Art and Video Game Industry.

Once I have being created my fort simulation on cabbage using Csdound I have notice the the sound fire generation is very sutil based on the system that Sound is using. To me creating a patch in Pd is more realitic in terms of employability because you want a dense variety of Audio elements such as Intensity, Volume and maniobrability. In this case I think that I will try to do so with as Pd Multipack and then Implemented to Unity just using Heavy Compiler.

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