“Procedural is the present”

The sound Designer is the protagonist of the Development

Everithing is Change Already

Today I have learn that everything is possible if you work hard and believe in what you want to do. This is the idea behind Krotos. If you work together with your imagination, the creativity appears and your development begins success because you can see yourself in a mirror.

Krotos is a company of a student in Sound Design in Edinburg. They came with different product and tools very useful for the sound designer; films and vide games. The industry has multiple choices because they products are Standalone.

They came to with three different products. Dehumanizer, Reformer & Weaponizer.

All of them are procedural reproduction based in real sounds. Psychology of sound plays an important roll here because humans we create an image of the sound and we perceive differences between one to another. Creating the sensation of reality in real time. Furthermore, you can open your sources to be more creative with this Standalones.


This Standalone is Useful to create Foley Sounds based in an input Audio lecture that attach the input sound wave to the procedural sound inside the box. They working very hard to achieve the latency problems. As a result they came with a plugin that make you aloud to create a foley sounds inside the box easily inside your laptop.
Foley Sounds
This plugin creates monsters. Basically you can attach your voice in real time to create some interesting real sounds of function characters. There is already industry & commercial applications of this plugin. For sure that as a sound designer you have listen already.
Vocal Transformer
What a plugin. Is a little bit painful when you need to design weapons to your work. Depending of the budget you can do some things or others and also depends of the aesthetic product that you want to achieve. The developers of this product they put all of this concepts inside a box. Any weapon that you can imagine is a library well recorded waiting to to you to trigger. Furthermore. you can crate your own sounds and improve the. mix them in different layers & put them different effect parametric controlles.
Weapon Creator

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