The Westbroocks Jazz Band The Granite band

Earth felt the Wound

Mixing & Mastering

Hard on the heels of their ‘epic and ground-breaking’ Granite project, Kate and the Granite Band with producer Jay Auborn are back with a major new album. Recorded in Summer 2019 in the depths of the Devon countryside, mixed and mastered at dBs studios Bristol, Earth Felt the Wound deploys state-of-the-art recording to stunning effect and takes Kate and The Granite Band in a radically new direction.

The Hunt for Escobar’s Hippos

Music Editor and Music recording & Mixing

Music Created by Joe Auborn and John Mathias, the documentary is about the impact of Pablo’s Escobar personal Hippos collection.



Green Screen – Internationales Naturfilmfestival Eckernförde 2020 (Eckernförde, Germany): Nomination: (Category: Green Report)


The music for the documentary was recorded by Giorgio Cortiana at dBs Production Studios in Bristol.

Asset Adcquisition, Music Composition, Arrangement and Audio Editing 

Inspired by the moods and landscape of the moor, Vaughan spent several years composing in quiet secrecy. The resulting album is a sublimely haunting musical portrait that bears witness to the trials of love.

“A beautiful thing, this is really gorgeous”  –

Guy Garvey, BBC Radio 6 Music.

Greta Vaughan

Audio Mixer


Sound Design & Mastering

Åland is an artistic impression of the relationship between the inhabitants of the Åland islands in Finland and the population of Eurasian wolves who are returning to the archipelago for the first time in over a century. Joe Auborn; Producer/Director/2nd Camera.

Adrian Utley in C

Art Collaborations

Other Projects

The Silence after the note....