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Is everybody knows that in the industry of sound, people are boring. As a result of that they always wanted to do some controversy about softwares, plugins and tools. Wat is video game sound designers uses to achieve their goals??? We had today a masterclass of Simon Ashley. He is the creator of the company Audiokinetic. the brand that they do Wwise. He came from Canada to do a lecture showing us what you can do with Wwise and other applications that Audiokinetic has been develop to improve the Sound Design Industry.

What I was more impress is that Simon looks forward; every question that he wanted to achieve his brain looks that is set up to achieve long terms goals in the industry. Not just for Sound Designer itself. 

This fact makes Wwise and his team developers a unique company into the industry. 

Humans creates the controversy

Wwise is a tool very difficult to Finnish it. Based on Protools; In Wwise you can develop middleware communications, standalone plugins prices of music, locational sound…..

Is incredible what you can do with Wwise. The most incredible think about it ism that they work with different applications that the Sound Designer is already familiarise. 


The word never ends

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