Wwise 101 Course

Wwise 101_Lesson 1 Integrating Sound

During the lesson of today, I have real episode 1 of 101 books and I have completed the Online Questioner of Wwise Web.

Importing Audio Files.

  • Hierarchy in Audio Package:
  • Master-Mixer Hierarchy
  • Actor-Mixer Hierarchy.
  • Interactive Music Hierarchy.

Connecting Events.

  • Name them: audio Asset List.
  • Action List

Building a Sound-bank

  • Generate Sound Bank
  • Analysing memory platform configuration.


Wwise contains a menu a bit complicated if I compare with FMOD, To use Wwise you must need to understand the internal hierarchy process that Wwise use to generate the audio file middleware to our game engine.

I have passed the first online questionnaire without any mistakes, so apparently the course is slow but I learn with a lot of progress.

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